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E-commerce allows your business to sell products from your website, giving you a much larger customer base than you could ever achieve in the real world.

We can build and install an e-commerce solution to enable your business to sell your products and services over the web - from one product to 100,000!

Integrate your existing merchant facility to allow real-time payment for your customers, or we can implement the secure storage and retrieval of order and payment details for delayed processing.

Dynamic Index Page Text Management
Information about your company can change at a moments notice. Whether it is a major sale or an expansion of your services you will want to be able to let your website visitors know as soon as possible. With the Dynamic Index Page Text Management system, you have the ability to log into an administrative area and change the text at any time. All changes are instant and your website will remain current as your day to day operations change.

Shopping Carts
A shopping cart is the actual storefront of your e-business. It allows you to actually sell your products online while never having to actually maintain a physical location. The shopping cart allows the visitor to make a purchase from your website instantly via credit card.

Merchant Accounts
A merchant account enables your business to accept payment over the Internet. A merchant account is a credit card processing account opened through a bank or other financial institution that is a member of a credit card network (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc) which allows merchants to accept credit cards from customers. After collection, the funds are transferred electronically to the merchants account holders bank account. A part of the merchant account process is the Payment Gateway. Processing gateways are an intermediary to get card information from your shopping cart to the merchant account. Often processing gateways are packaged with merchant accounts.

SSL Certificates
SSL is an acronym for secure socket layer which is the encryption process that provides privacy between computer connections. SSL is commonly used by the market leaders in Internet browsing software. Certificates are provided when a site is secured by SSL technology. An SSL certificate will assure your customers that their credit card and personal information will be protected and that they can shop safely and securely on your website.

Contact Forms
A contact input form allows the website visitor to email you without revealing your email address. This is a very good way to ensure you do not receive unwanted spam type email.

Online Application Forms
An online application form allows the website visitor to input information to be electronically transmitted to your designated email. A perfect example of an online application form is an employment application. As the website owner you decide what information is required and the website visitor knows what information you are looking for. An online application can also be used in conjunction with a data base system providing a means to store and retrieve applications.

Online Order Forms
An online order form is a great tool to use when you require specific information from the customer with regards to placing and order for a service or a product. The order prompts the user to complete at a minimum the required information before the order will be successfully submitted. This allows the website owner to collect the information they need the first time and not have to spend time contacting the customer for additional information.

Dynamic Article Posting
A dynamic article posting program allows the website owner to post the latest news and information about their company on the website. The site owner can log into an administrative area of the website and post news updates and archive older postings for retrieval and reading by the website visitor.

Dynamic Print Page Function
A visitor on your website reads an article they particularly like. They would like to print the article but not have all the other items on the webpage print out with the text. By using a Dynamic Print Page Function, the visitor can click on an icon on the page and print a text only version of the article, saving both paper and ink.

Dynamic FAQ's
Visitors to your website will often times have questions that are not readily answered on the main pages of the website. A Dynamic FAQ system will allow you to develop a page of Frequently Asked Questions about your business along with the ability to update and change those FAQ's based on customer input.

Calendar of Events
A calendar of events allows website visitors to see activities are up coming within your organization. The calendar is administrated by the website owner who has a login area and the means to post specific data about an event in a standard calendar format which is accessible by the site visitor via a hyperlink.

Photo Gallery
Photo galleries provide a way for website owners to display images of their products. The website owner has a login area which allows them to use the tools to upload images and text information about a specific image. This type of function is often seen on websites in the arts, crafts and fashion industry.

Classifieds Management System
A Classifieds Management System can be very beneficial to your website by allowing you to post employment opportunities, items for sale, property for rent, etc.. The website owner can log into a management area and change the classifieds as often as necessary to reflect the current needs of their company.

Forums are a great way to build a sense of community for your website. As forums are developed based on different topics of discussion in your website's industry, you are providing a reason for visitors to come back to your site. The visitors can comment and discuss the various topics you discuss which may prompt them to visit other areas of your website.

Email A Friend Script
One of the most effective means of marketing both on the web and off the web it by word of mouth. When a visitor comes to your website and they like what they see, they will be able to pass the website information on to a friend. Often times a visitor to your website may think about forwarding the url to a friend but forgets to do it. By prompting the visitor to do this with a "Email A Friend" script, you increase the chances of your website being recommended to another potential customer.

Email Newsletter Software
The website owner can collect email addresses of visitors who have signed up (opted in) to receive emails that provide information about your business. The opt-in system is used to ensure only those individuals signing up to receive emails from the website will actually receive them An opt-out system works with the opt-in program to provide a way for email subscribers to leave the mailing list.


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